What is this blog all about anyway, pretentious jargon aside?

This blog documents my personal cultural encounters without claiming to be a specialist resource on the subject. I learn as I blog and I blog what I learns, taking after Socrates' modest take on thought: I know that I know nothing.

From time to time, this blogger posts commentaries on socio-political issues and events as she sees fit, but mainly this is a blog on art, design and culture and everything in between, if any.

Don't be surprised though if you happen to stumble upon some personal posts from several years ago. This blog used to be just like any other blog. But now, maybe on its own little way, it's one of a kind.

Who's behind this thing?

That's me, in winter.

I'm Camille Diola, but some people from my childhood call me Mimi. I've been a film buff since I was 9 years old, and after (ignorantly) swearing to become the Philippines' next Roger Ebert, I went on to take major classes in film studies while in college, earning an unofficial minor. But I fell for journalism and other forms of art besides film, and out of these various preoccupations, this blog was born.

Are you really a non-pro?

On the above topics, at least. I'm really a political and foreign policy writer, reporting for the online arm of the STAR Group of Publications. I currently run the digital newsroom. See my profile on LinkedIn here.