Thought I'd just bare my heart a little bit. And a reminder to myself:

It's March and it has been three months since I renewed and paid for the domain name and space on which this blog sits. And I haven't posted anything. It's like paying the servants for a vacation house one only gets to visit for the stretch of a summer week and never again all year.

Sometimes it seems we look for spaces that are new and yet will strike you as something familiar. For time we spend but can really not afford to spare. For people we're eager to be with but end up just spending a few hundreds for a couple of dishes and three hours in a talked-about restaurant. For sleep try to catch but will never be enough. For occasions that we look forward to but promise to drain us at the end of the day.

But sometimes it's in the old spaces, with old faces and the old duties we can actually find the teeny bit of joy from.

Like this blog.