Thoughts of a pre-amateur cook

So I've been recently learning how to cook. Note that I grew up cooking nothing more than hotdogs in a microwave oven and the occasional hotdogs on grill. I'm also a veteran in making s'mores at camp or nights out. 

But lately I found myself making my own (perfect!) sunny side up eggs when I get home late and everyone else would be sleeping. I throw in a slice of bread seared on a pan with some herbs and butter and Spanish sardines fried in their own oil straight from the jar. That would be my version of a perfect dinner stamped with my signature. 

But I'm looking for some progress. 

Enter The Fat Kid Inside demo videos and Erwan Heussaff. And then some Jamie "Naked Chef" Oliver, Junior Masterchef episodes and shows of my former pen pal, Bobby Flay (Why? It's a long story). 

I'm also reading "Just Three Ingredients" by Jenny White with simple encyclopedia-like pages on the basic ingredients, kitchen tools and minimalist cooking techniques. I find it the perfect book to have for dumber-than-dumb beginner cooks. 

I got the interest going as I was made to cover several restaurants and interview some awesome chefs while pretending I actually know what I'm asking and writing. I think I'll be covering less in the food beat now that we have a full-time lifestyle writer but I've to be ready. What if Mario Batalli comes over in Manila and our writer gets sick? Someone has to rise to the occasion. Ehem. 

But my main reason is how inspired I am by people who know their way around the kitchen and food. A wise man by the name of Saint Josemaria Escriva is perhaps one of the first people to have lived who believed those who serve and make the home a happier place have a job as dignified as a CEO's.

Also, imagine trying to create an artistic, excellent meal for hours and it will only be consumed in 15 minutes! It's somehow like writing, which would take hours and even days and months (and a decade, gasp~) to put together. It will only be read by someone for one whole hour or less. Ouch!