My messy desk and the stories behind it


- Yellow piggy bank. Each of us in the newsroom/office has a piggy bank for rainy days. I'm probably the only one who doesn't put anything there as I like to keep my coins. But I keep the coin bank on my desk to remind me to be frugal.

- I have a photo of some people in our team pinned here while we were at lunch at last year's IMMAP Summit. 

- Instant coffee in a Foxs' candies can to ward off temptations to run to pricey Starbucks for caffeine. But we do have unli brewed coffee to power our tight days. 

- A planner, alcohol spray, coffee mug, and a water bottle which doubles as a tea container. 

- Lenovo laptop without which I can't work, obviously, since I'm a writer. It contains my own fully customized dashboards with monitoring tools, social media publishing platforms, and rich library of stock editorial photos I personally collected (and labelled accordingly with copyright licenses). 

- A vintage cardboard cellphone stand that probably only I have in the entire universe. Okay, maybe not. But it was given to me from a box of garbage sale-worthy goodies from the family of a known tycoon. Pretty rare find. 

- An "I'm silently correcting your grammar" magnetic pin from my good friend Jali staying in Washington DC. She got it from Newseum.

- A "Love your browser" mobile phone sleeve from a Catholic-Indonesian acquaintance from Opera. 

- A surfboard magnetic pin from my co-worker Emjae. 

And finally ...

- A photo of Saint Joseph holding the baby Jesus with an aspiration "Assist me in my daily tasks."

Our desks, the venue of human and spiritual growth.