A sleepy stop at Alabang

Hey, imaginary readers! I'm kinda back to blogging since I discovered there is a convenient Blogger iPhone app I can easily use to post quick quote-unquote cultural finds anywhere I find myself half-bored and somewhat inspired. 

Recently, I found myself walking around Alabang. More on walking around and being lost at "Filinvest City" actually, since it's such an alien territory to me. And I somehow found myself trying to find a decent but not so pricey place to take lunch at Westgate--a commercial center sleepy during daytime but bustling in the evening (by the looks of it).

Tucked in between two relatively known dining places Alba and Zong is this little restaurant called Whistlestop.

By now, costumers must be tired of any American-inspired resto looking like a ripoff of Friday's with the vintage-looking design and decors and reference to the heydays of Hollywood.

Whistlestop, however, is unique as it is true to its name. It's inspired by cross-state travel in America featuring a vintage phone booth and lamp post at its doorway.

Old film cameras hang by the wall and 70s-type luggages line the window. A steel luggage is even stuck on the washroom wall over the sink with a mirror. 

So let's talk about the food, the food. 
Price range P150-P300 per head. Must try is a rich soup of egg, veggies, sotanghon, chicken and squid ball called Steamboat. There are also classic American fusion dishes such as honey bourbon chicken and sizzling buttered corn on the menu.