Listen, nine, eight, seven, six, FIVE

HAPPY EASTER, every one! Since I'm preparing for a more substantial blog post in a day or two, let me just share this video related with the post "A world that can't stop talking." In the embedded TED Talk below, sound expert Julian Treasure teaches us five ways to listen better, because we waste much of the 60 percent we spend listening in communication, he said.

The problems caused by a (non-physical) defect in listening can even lead to cultural and political conflict. One party doesn't just understand the pleas of another, and the other thinks it honorable to keep the barriers in place. There is then the agreement to disagree, which really doesn't solve anything.

Julian Treasure. Photo from
That is why Mr. Treasure urges us to genuinely listen starting in our everyday affairs, to give someone our full attention without our fingers getting busy with the mobile device. And well, my Gen-Y friends, that's hard, right?
But I believe that every human being needs to listen consciously in order to live fully -- connected in space and in time to the physical world around us, connected in understanding to each other, not to mention spiritually connected, because every spiritual path I know of has listening and contemplation at its heart. --Treasure
Sherry Turkle, a connectivity guru, agrees with Treasure on this. She identifies the main glitch in our wired relationships, and points out our habits as non-listeners to be a cause. "The feeling that ‘no one is listening to me’ make us want to spend time with machines that seem to care about us,” she said.

Turkle also believes it's the next generation "who will chart the path between isolation and connectivity." #