Dr. Seuss in Baguio?

Now that The Lorax, a family flick with a go-green message, just hit the theaters, let's head north and see the greens of the uptown valleys of Baguio. But when we did, this is the green we saw.

Berkeley School along CM Recto St. doesn't look like the typical grade school with its (neo-?)deconstructivist angles and jagged form. An acquaintance mentioned it was designed by a entrant architect whose family owns the school.

The corridors and halls are open and they feel as if you're walking straight into The Grinch's locale or a Seussville building.

Just across is this erstwhile residence with a welcoming garden. Many areas in Baguio have interesting structures to boast, and I just showed you one street. Hope to be back there soon! #

All photos by Camille Diola, unless otherwise stated. Please cite Creative Commons license for use.