Powerpoint and food? They're not much different

Because these have been slow blogging days, I'll post two this week just so you know this blogger hasn't been wiped from the face of the earth.

Today, I'm sharing a presentation embedded from my trusty Slideshare account since I've received several inquiries lately from friends on how to create an effective Powerpoint and deliver an engaging talk.

I prepared this deck for teachers in a media literacy seminar in Batangas a couple of weeks ago. It pegs on the visual, gustatory and relatable experience of a feast or a meal in teaching others how to organize content for Powerpoint presentations.

It also touches on how to address students of different learning styles using technology, especially online tools. But, of course, the slides don't communicate this sub-topic to viewers. You'll need a speaker for that. Hah! #

Difficulty viewing the slides? Please proceed to the Slideshare page.