No hunger games in Naga: Go global

Tired feet brought us to the best-looking restaurant around the block. We wanted to go somewhere that at least looked familiar, and it wasn't hard to spot this well-lit place that looked like just another American food franchise. At the same time, it didn't seem to be an ordinary fast food.

Bicol-based food chain Bigg's Diner brings its customers back to the unforgettable 1960s, though I'm sure we've nothing to forget since our parents were just born at that time.

But we won't talk much about the food here. Though it tasted better than the more genuine but way pricier T.G.I. Friday's, the dishes offered at Bigg's were still commonplace. But what sets this resto apart is its attention to design details and the spot-on service of its staff. And these, my friends, are what make this merely American-inspired spot wholly Filipino.

The diner makes more than a few pop culture and lifestyle references on its walls. One corner has photos of John Lennon, Elvis and the eternal James Dean.

Above our heads was Audrey Hepburn's iconic Holly Golightly lighted with colored LED and enhanced with psychedelic patterns.

There's even a life-sized replica of the frigider and an old Caltex fuel dispenser by the counter--wherever the owners got those.

Go to Bigg's not mainly for the food, but the experience. #

All photos by Camille Diola. Please cite Creative Commons license for use.