Far from perfectionism

This is what you call impulsive blogging. I hope I don't end up deleting this again. Just want to share a quote on writing from one of our favorite stops on the Web.

"Writing Postcards" (2008) by Robert Marschelewski.
The price of learning to use words is the development of an acute self-consciousness. Nor is it enough to pay attention to words only when you face the task of writing—that is like playing the violin only on the night of the concert. You must attend to words when you read, when you speak, when others speak. Words must become ever present in your waking life, an incessant concern, like color and design if the graphic arts matter to you, or pitch and rhythm if it is music, or speed and form if it is athletics.
Besides writing, isn't also true about upright action and desire? That we must always be conscious of wanting to do good and be good in our thoughts, work and behavior. We can also attend to the built-in goodness of things we read, watch, or listen to by asking the question "Will this make me a better person?" because if not, it can reverse the process of our growth. #