Design, deadlines and destinations 2012

Twenty-twelve is the Year of the Golden Dragon in the Chinese calendar, and I'd like to note that since my age is divisible by 12 from 1988, this coming year is our year.

A classic Chinese decorative dragon.
I splashed the other colors for study.
In the Orient, dragons are placed the highest in the animal hierarchy (what's ironic is that they're the only ones that don't exist), and is the symbol of the universe, life and imperial power. Who doesn't like these mythical creatures, anyway? They are fiery, colorful and boast of much tradition and art.

But we dig contrasts, too, don't we? As much as I like visual depictions of dragons, I find the black and white versions more appealing. So for 2012 I customized a noir-et-blanc template to have a burnt orange, pthalo green and teal scheme for the New Year.

I'm also working on revising this blog's old school sidebar bit by bit to eventually agree with the new look. And I also matched the portfolio sub-domain which I upload things to for a much improved user experience.

And our tech team's prepping for our last web client projects early this year, so I'm still going to design two more exciting! digital domains which readers of this blog probably won't ever know about, wrap up a standing e-commerce project, and after those wired jobs--a grand battle offline. Not to mention a brand new portal gateway and mobile web for ze Dragon University without fail, and other things that might still crop up that we've to welcome with open arms. All's well that ends well.
And then, whether you win or lose, you will always triumph in the end, because you will have carried out your work with Love.
Hope y'all like the blog's new look, and merry Christmas, still! #