Up goes the crowd

Isn't this a sight? Students and alumni from my alma mater cheering for the cheering squad. I guess, no matter how plural we are, we're all living one University culture, sharing a common (physical) ground, and hoping for a better state system and a grown nation.

I guess, that's really the way it should be -- to always try to seek for what unites, rather than what divides. It's not just about letting the majority decide or representing small sectors by giving them voice, as in a superficial democracy.

Democracy is in protecting what belongs to everyone and each one, what is therefore indivisible and immaterial: Freedom with all its value and limits. Rights based on the demands of being human worthy of respect.

No one person, nor group, nor self-proclaimed identity should claim more or exclusive rights than what is accorded to another, or else that requires all of us to just bend our wills for each of their personal whims, and heck, imagine the kind of inhibitory society to come out of it.

And, well, sometimes, a cheerleading event can lead to a reflexive discourse in social thought like this one. You're reading this, don't complain. #

Photo credit: University of the Philippines System Information Office