I'll let you in on something I'm working on today, to keep myself from useless, indistinct mutterings caused by petty issues of the daily grind. So this draft is something inspired by a guy who worked for one company all his life but still made it to the top of his game. Many times, really, stalwart loyalty is the best kind of service. No use biting the hand that feeds us, or has nurtured us, 'cause it always backfires. Keep that in mind, job seekers and alumni, of whatever history and form!

So Ashley Havinden (1903-1973) was a British advertising designer who said, "Designers are problem-solvers."  Obvious? Sure. But some people don't really get that. Havinden also authored the book "Advertising and the Artist" based on his experiences working for one ad agency for 45 years. The cover of the 1956 version of the publication is the inspiration for a poster I'm designing for an academic wing's series of education-related events.

First, they wanted a lighthouse in the poster. And some stairs. I'm not taking that latter suggestion 'cause it's a whole lot of imagery I can't deal with yet. Self-knowledge is important in any creative task, since it brings one to consider even subjective setbacks besides the limitations of resources and time.

Okay, so those clouds don't really look as good when the poster's minimized. Let me do something about it. As usual, I'll only post the final version with the complete copy in the portfolio. Meanwhile, it's raining cats and dogs outside, and I'm tuned in to Beethoven's Appassionata, one of his most "tempestuous" piano sonatas. How very apt in a charged environment. But then again, we all have to be lighthouses amid raging waves. #