Angono resto, a looker

antique wooden door
An antique entryway in Balaw-Balaw Restaurant, Angono.
Of course we didn't have to sit down and try out local, exotic and Filipino cuisine in Balaw Balaw Restaurant in Angono when we last visited it. There was so much to see in the same location other than dishes, and this lovely door that seems to be an entrance to the world of Philippine folk tales is just a sampler of its exquisite collection of antiques and sculptures.

There were snakes preserved in large jars, a corridor that reminds one of childhood nightmares, a room with wooden articles from different parts of the globe, and most notable perhaps is a sculpted religious reredo imported from Indonesia perfect for solemn devotion in a small chapel. I wonder if they'll ever try to donate it to the church? I do hope so.

Then there's a rather thick roof deck garden overlooking the mountains and forests of Rizal. It was the perfect time to thank God for having this as my hometown. #

Roof garden.
My friend Calai Clarino exploring the various antiques and sculptures.
A huge woodwork of a balanghai.
Detail of balanghai carving.