Graphic design principles for beginners

It has been, what, a month and three weeks since the last post. Quite enough to make this space derelict. I've a lot of interesting content to share the next few weeks, but for now I think I would like to start with something that took me a lot of time preparing for: A presentation I made--based on the belief that everyone can have that design eye--for a design training course for employees I conducted a couple of months back.

People who admire aesthetically pleasing products sometimes ask how artists can come up with ideas for the final design. Actually, there is nothing exact step-by-step creative process, only an instinct turned into a discipline and eventually into a serious profession.

Sometimes though we ask, where do these principles come from? Surely they're not inventions of the gurus of the field. These are discovered, revealing facts about man and the natural world. Good design is good design because it follows an innate criteria of beauty approximated in these principles that will forever be there. #