Awesome art blogs to look at

Museum station by Alex T.
People call Gen Y so many names, but perhaps one of the most likable that also strikes true is "the visual generation."

In fact, a new kind of “literacy” has been identified in digital natives who grew up immersed in visually-dependent, multimedia environments. Young people today respond more to imagery than any other generation before them, perhaps because new technologies have allowed more dynamic graphics on our screens, and these Photoshop amateurs have cultivated a more refined popular taste in design.

And when has photography been more accessible than it is now, when anyone can come up with the best-looking compositions from their Canon digital SLRs? It’s only on rare occasions that we still call hired professionals to snap our precious moments.

Despite this budding golden age in visual communications, the visual arts remain outside the mainstream. A select few spend their Sundays going to contemporary art exhibits, galleries and museums, yet thousands from my country visit DeviantArt daily.

But because this is “the visual generation,” I also think we have more potential to appreciate art, traditional or otherwise, even in its most academic forms, if only we try to explore it. For beginners in the intellectual-creative world of visual arts, here’s a list of some well-written, insightful, bookmark-worthy art blogs for your regular fix.

The Guardian’s Jonathan Jones on Art. Unlike many critics who scorn most art pieces they feature, Mr. Jones, a veteran of the UK daily, persists as the optimistic, laudatory type. He writes about the old masters as frequently as he does up-and-coming artists, and his reflections are accessible and unpretentious--such as when he candidly explains why Pollack is a "rock and roll master" and why Van Gogh couldn’t have won The X Factor. He’s also my personal favorite.

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