Rediscovering Filipino parlor games

Smash it! Grab it! Leap higher!

I'm not sure whether kids today still play the games we used to enjoy. Being a '90s baby who has grown up with digital technology and cable TV, I'm still fortunate to have had street life (or school corridor life) back in early elementary. Though I haven't had the chance to climb trees and pick fruits, my playmates and I still surely smelled of sun after afternoons spent playing outside.

Seems like city kids today, outside varsity affairs and PE classes in their respective schools, rarely explore Filipino-Asian kiddie games that require as much energy and skill as Western parlor games and Plants versus Zombies. Also, they can be missing out on more than a few aspects of our culture that teach various virtues, and it's some sizeable lost.

Good thing my friends and I just had the opportunity to rediscover our natural Pinoy party instincts that have been tucked away for some years now. Do you still remember them? I sure can help you with that.

Chinese garter game

To help your team win a Chinese garter round, you have to leap as high as you can. This should help train you for the pole vault event at the Olympics.

You'd need a considerable amount of willpower, an I-don't-care-what-I-look-like attitude, and luck to uncover the mysterious coin underneath that mound of flour or gawgaw.

Make sure that after participating in a longest line game, you could still find those valuable items you parted with. But don't worry, used socks rarely get lost. Surely this is an exercise of giving up personal things for the common good. (No allusion to communism here).

Channel your inner Hercules sinews and Superman x-ray vision to smash that palayok! Keeping in mind that there are mouths waiting for candy teaches selflessness and generosity.

It doesn't matter if you get trampled on, elbowed or kicked in the process. Pabitin definitely gives a lesson in fortitude, precision and determination.