Hope and ordinary work in 6 minutes

Sharing something humanly and spiritually uplifting before my silent hiatus.

Stop motion animated film by Jeremy Casper, Isaiah Powers and Stuart Bury tells the story of an old guy Cecil who lives in a seemingly hopeless, dreary town. He sets out daily to labor after making sure his bow tie is neat and presentable. He goes about his work quietly, full of hope and without complaints. In a remote, inconspicuous way he tries to reach out to the town's apathetic but equally impoverished folks. Thanks to his a day-to-day ordinary heroism, he changes their world.

Story and message aside, the film's visual imagery is consistent and convincing, and the score splendid. Technique and level of professional quality are unquestionable, well-deserving of the Student Oscar it just bagged.

Alex Pushkarev on Vimeo put it as "fantastic. The atmosphere is so perfectly conveyed that my mouth went dry." Head on over to http://vimeo.com/5086128 to read comments of indie filmmakers and enthusiasts.

Till next time, guys! #