Mayer the Force be with you

One of the more entertaining and impressive concerts on DVD I've seen the past years is John Mayer's Where the Light Is, a copy my friend Claire and I picked up from Ortigas after one of our countless working sleepovers back in college. Hard for me to remember details now that I haven't watched it for over a year, but I won't forget the explosive solos, surprising band sets and Mayer's flexibility in delivering messages in a range of genres.

John Mayer screenshot concert

The thing about Mayer, he's not just pop and bubble scoffed at by discriminating critics. He's ultimate. But I'd rather separate Mayer the person and Mayer the artist. It's more comfortable that way. I can follow the tunes without trying to keep up with the personality to the point of creating a hoax Twitter account with potential for psychotherapy studies.

And there would be no more listening to scandals and involvements. It's just his designer guitar and pure music. This way, Mayer is where the light side of the Force is.

Also a must-watch, John Mayer Trio with bassist Pino Palladino and Steve Jordan. One YouTube user commented on their performance: "I can't imagine the level of difficulty these guys are playing at." With Trio, Mayer finds his place in blues rock and veers away from acoustic pop. Their beats set the heart pounding with thunderous drums and angelic electrics at 2:35.

He even makes that a rose red guitar with swirly teen graphics look wicked. Hendrix can't beat that. #