Absolutely loving Blogger, but

... I have a journalism training and even though I recently got into marketing communications, objective reporting is a professional discipline I can't part with.

Therefore, I resolve to share unbiased judgments. Blogger is wonderful, especially with its new themes, friendly and simple CMS, easy design and layout manipulation and almost universal compatibility. But more and more developers and web designers find Wordpress the more flexible and professional platform. It was the first to feature pages and menu options other than posts, and its themes have been the edgier ones around. It is a little more expensive to integrate and institutionalize though, but when one gets it going, it's tops.

I, for one, used Wordpress to develop Tanglaw University Center's new website, keeping in mind that someday I won't be around anymore to keep it up to date. Someone else has to take over, with or without techie skills, and I figured Wordpress is easy enough to learn when it comes to adding content. One problem solved.

Blogger's amazing layout and design GUI was its best advantage. But not anymore.

Hello Wordpress 3.0 Thelonious.