Back to work

Sure, let's use a generic blog post title from time to time. It's easier for me. Plus it's postmodern practice to have a title totally unrelated to the content.

Now that everything's going back to the weekday-work norm, I should be blogging regularly again. But we'll miss the holiday food. And no regrets. Some can afford weight gain after all.

Food photos from mimimayhem's holidays, to give Mr. Scrooge an idea of what he's missing.

Thanksgiving chicken
We don't have Thanksgiving, but with chicken like this, who cares?

holiday salad with snowman
A snowman made of oranges perched in salad. Genius.

grilled burger Worcestershire
Burgers with grilled patties with Worcestershire sauce with love. A bite is full lunch enough.

Potato star
Yours truly, wearing some ugly watch, carving out stars from potatoes ...

American fries
One for Obama country!

Maryrose salad
Bacon in vegetable = a kid's dream.

Happy and back to work. #