Oh the freelance life

When someone asked me once what I planned to do right after graduation, I said I'd do freelance work. She dissuaded me from doing it, thinking my name has to be on the map first before I can land projects bankable enough to avoid 3-in-1 coffee. Hesitantly, I fumbled into Job Street.

So I've been employed, and the few months so far have been sufficiently rewarding - meaning unexpected, rough and at times slipshod. Got my hands on soft sell aka internet marketing, leading a team of creative newbies experimenting with crude push and pull strategies. Bought a book, read up for a week, and applied the tricks as if I had a related degree. Then came pseudo-project management that required brain cells to load process flows, tech terms and bureaucrats.

I learned that everything can be learned. Whoever said our left-right brain prejudices can't be crossed?

On the side though, I'm paid to write and design. Write and design. It's fast and happy and colorful. I'd pass up on most potential projects, and pick a few smaller ones that can be squeezed in between work and modern philosophy. I call the shots, I scold at myself, I work whenever and wherever, and there's creative freedom. The so-called life.

I'm still employed, but I can't wait to have my hands completely free to take on small and random writing and designing (and the occasional PC-virus cleaning) challenges I always resent turning down. Channeling my limited math skills, I calculate I can live off from them for at least a month. And the best thing? I can stay home, be the boss and secretary of myself, eat meals in peace, pray conveniently and just chill. A month or two won't hurt, plus hey it's December. Viva liberté. #