Google Chrome evangelist

So many conversions, so little time.

It's not easy to convince people to shift from Firefox to another platform. After all, Mozilla saved our web browsing souls from the hell that's Internet Explorer. Sure there also came Opera and Safari that bore good news and free hope, and loyalists of such sects embarked on verbal crusades to promote and defend their browsers. I'm not saying they're false prophets, more like St. John the Baptist or Elijah, maybe, preparing the way for the coming of The One.

And Chrome, that's the one.
It's fast, smooth and easy, like Bond 007. It syncs bookmarks in the office computer and your personal laptop. It employs real designers to come up with kicking skins to brighten your Internet-surfing day. It's user-friendly, ready to be your BFF. And! It! Almost! Never! Hangs!

Sure it's not perfect, like I can use some easy editing option for the default favorites page. But that's about it.

Our company's web developer, our marketing officer, my friends and housemates have been convinced. Google Chrome rules the kingdom of the Web. #