Still uncomfortable with the new title of this de facto website. I'm not very literary, but I'm obsessed with rhymes, postmodern forms, indie verses and yes, alliterations. I can't even justify the name. But since I refuse to call it a personal blog, or a blog mainly about one certain topic, or a niche website looking for fanatic followers enough to found a cult, I had to think of a low-profile, general-enough name to be reflected on the banner.

I must admit though, my friends liked that "Mimimayhem" title, 'cause it has been cute and high schoolish for 6 years. Now that someone's trying to be mature and make ends meet by self-marketing, let's give it an 8-word title that confuses the heck out of everyone and one which every one would not remember ever. Awesome way to start.

But we know Shakespeare, and we know that famous line:
"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

So yes, "a rose-colored blog by any other name would still be a rose-colored blog." #