I'm saving Post Its, so.

To do list before going on 2-week hiatus:

1. Print and submit activity forms, 4.65 years in the making.
2. Print and submit plans, so I can sleep sound at night.
3. Meet with project people, don't doze off, flash a smile, coffee binge a mugful.
4. Refill house printer ink - an excuse to walk 2 blocks away from the office in an attempt to be healthier, yo.
5. Write 10 text messages to Mom, time their delivery for twice a day - after breakfast and before bedtime daily - so she won't feel I'm not checking my phone.
6. Buy laundry powder and a week's worth of midmorning cookies to be a healthy kid.
7. Delegate printing press tasks to someone who's out and about in the world on Wednesday.
8. "Say what you need to say," John Mayer said.
9. Find out why sales people hand out business cards using both their hands.
10. If not recovered, write second copy of a wishlist provoking Santa's generosity ... and love. #