It's the nineties, man.

First, a disclaimer. This is NOT a sponsored post. I'm doing this out of free will and all-out charity.

Like the raging water and mud we must have been high so for tough times and tragedies, I recommend Yahoo! Launchcast, an online radio with minimal advertisement-nuisance and music genre freedom, like there are over a hundred radio stations to suit every taste and generation. This is definitely my third Y! love, after the RSS indexer My Yahoo and grandfather service Yahoo Mail.

There's also this "Play a mix" bar where listeners can key in their favorite artist and everything played from then on are songs by that act or those in the same genre or generation. So I plugged into Boyzone radio with this feature and check out the coolest evuh lineup of songs generated in random -- a precious chest of rare, sought-after treasures only those with discriminating taste and high level of culture can appreciate:

... On and on and on.

It's the nineties man, sure I was born a fan.