22,500 words a day

Let's do some math.

If we travel for 2 hours every day from home to office or school and from the workplace to our homes, then we spend 120 minutes hailing transportation and riding, right?

If we read an average of 250 words per minute, and spend around 30 minutes walking or waiting for the shuttle in a way that it's almost impossible to do anything else, then we can still spend 90 minutes in idleness inside a transport.

What's the point? The point is, if are able enough to read inside a moving vehicle where we spend an hour and a half a day, then we can read 22,500 words a day. And if the average length of a novel is around 100,000 words, then we can finish a whole novel-length book in 5 days!

Of course, those who drive can listen to audio books or downloaded talks in audio format from TED.com. I haven't gotten the stats for that, but that's just about the same point.

'Cause the point is, there's just too much time we throw every day when we can accomplish some more.

22,500 words a day for culture