In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of BACHELOR OF ARTS IN JOURNALISM

Reproduced without permission from the authors:



This year-long pursuit for truth was not a one-man effort. With that, I am deeply grateful to the following:

My partner, Absie, whose undying optimism made the grind easy to bear. Our adviser, Prof. Yvonne Chua, whose guidance and encouragement inspired and shaped our work. Our sources from the maritime and education sectors had been patient and generous with their time and resources. My parents and sisters, besides being my only fans, have been a constant source of joy and sanity. My friends in the College and in Bellecroft formed a collective comfort zone. And Daniw Center provided a “restful haven for one to be authentically human” (Ocampo, 2006).



Sailing the sea of thesis writing is hard enough. And with an ocean-deep topic such as the MLC controversy, you can definitely feel like you’re going to drown. Fortunately, the entire experience was never solitary. And I’d like to thank the following people who kept me afloat.

~Mimi, for being the perfect thesis partner and for the conscience who kept nagging me to commit SIN (the name of our thesis) when I don’t want to anymore. I know you wouldn’t graduate without this. ~Friends, for the unsinkable ship. ~Family, for being anchors, when I need stability. ~Ma’am Chua, for being our lighthouse, shedding light to guide us and even hope, with every e-group message, when we’re lost at sea. ~The government and all its bureaucratic layers, for creating the MLC storm in the first place and the rough seas we had to ride. ~The seafarers, for being the wind that blows our sail. ~The movement, for the hope of one day reaching the shores of national democracy. #