The Urban Patriot

There is an industry. There is art. There is a wonderful country.

And nobody else wanted to shout this more than Francis Magalona, the man of the moment, "The Man from Manila." Everything on TV is him now and I think it's just proper. Real visionaries deserve more than that. And this is not even to credit him yet as a person outside the world of show. From what I've heard and have been hearing, and through encounters with his family, it's all approval.

I feel like a loser for not having known his contributions to the industry and the nation while he was still alive. I loved "Kaleidoscope World" though, and I remember my high school friends Saab or Frank shrugging away expressive admirers of their great dad. I guess they're too used to it and they tried hard to look for ways to say it's already a given. Like there's no question the man is admired and loved and that's the way it has always been. We've heard all about it, humor us.

I give it to you, Francis M! The last post-humous tribute I wrote in this blog was for the previous Pope. I'm proud to have met you even just once. Thank you for giving us the music. I mean, I think I wouldn't be known as the rapper among my friends if I wasn't inspired by your performances. Hihi. Your family is one of the most generous I know. No doubt you grew it. #