There are just four letters in WORK

but it feels like there's a hundred.

So it's Christmas mode, and the year is coming to an end. Oddly, it feels more like a time of beginnings than endings, and school is featherweight versus everything else attempting to knock me out.

After submitting our month-end progress report to The Esteemed Thesis Adviser, my partner Absie and I realized we've only been less than exceptional and we've to gain more mileage fast. In other words, our thesis is upsettingly floating out and about. To somehow make up for such delinquency, it found its way to several CHED offices to beg for information. It caused much paranoia and some scandal, however, and so we might find our brilliant, researching selves in more government agencies' black lists in the near future.

There are also upcoming big events for my love UNIV in my area of jurisdiction and I've been demanding more stress from the people involved. Welcome to the wonderful world of UNIV, my dears, hard work toward noble goals, it's the life we live.

That and other side stuff I can't wait to kick off. Not to mention, designing for VOX committee and designing for Mom and designing for three other events, period.

I'm also applying for a part time job as a writer. Man, I never thought I would ever call myself that. All this to steer clear of the potential poverty and hunger transition period between graduation and employment next year. This is adult life. Nice to meet you.

BUT! If all else fails, dial Mom. Or be on thine knees. It's better than ice cream. #

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