For my own indulgence, thank you

I don't know what's going to happen in Andy Murray and Simon Gilles' match today. I'm personally rooting for the French. I didn't get to watch Gilles versus Nadal in the semis, but more and more it looks as if Nadal gives away the smaller tournaments. Maybe to reserve his energy for the big ones? I dunno. It's odd.

But lemme just say I'm relieved Nadal and Federer didn't conquer Master's Series in Madrid. Murray and Gilles survived an awful lot of break points to give the game to the reigning seeds. Sad though, it was an opportunity for Federer to regain men's tennis top spot if only he stepped forward in Madrid last night. And I received confirmation this afternoon that the Spaniard will definitely be world #1 for the rest of the year.

Davis Cup finals in November, and maybe I'll finally get to watch the Spanish armada against Argentina (in photo). I don't know but I really feel like I'm supporting Argentina this time. It's their ground, after all, and I'm excited for Juan Martin del Potro, my contemporary. Hehe. Davis Cup is my favorite, being the biggest team event of them all, 'cause there's much love around. Nothing beats team spirit.

If I were to predict, I say Argentina WILL take the singles. Now they have to put together a team for the doubles. #

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