Like a Disclaimer

"You know Mimimayhem? I used to be an avid reader of your blog but you don't update much anymore," a friend told me just this afternoon.

Another agreed. "Oo nga ... Why didn't you give up blogging instead?"

And so! I felt all remorseful, like I've been abandoning my own child, not feeding it, not clothing it, not bringing it to the doc for regular check-ups.

I try, you know, but it doesn't seem to work out as well as before. Because bloggers, too, have to grow up. I mean, two of my friends turned 21 today. I'm going to be one next year. And being 20 is being 20. The larger the number, the more things get involved, the more people share in your life, and so The Blog becomes less as a valued entity.

Still, it's my kid. I have legal and moral custody, therefore I gotta make it good.#