I forgot from which website I got this. Please don't accuse me of copyright infringement, okay? Just a forgetful, innocent little girl here.

Some stories in one sentence.

As I dropped my spare change into his cup and heard a splash, I was horrified to realize he was not a homeless person begging for money but just a guy on the corner enjoying his coffee.

I told the eighty-something-year-old man to "Have a nice day", and he told me to "Have a nice life."

An intoxicated man pointed to a car's license plate and said to me "This chinaman is from Iwo Jima" and when I looked at the license plate it said "IOWA."

As a first year science teacher, I realized that parent-teacher interviews formed my best ever lessons in human genetics.

Walking home in the pouring rain was not the best time to discover a hole in my shoe. #