Viva Español, Indonesia, The Disaster

I'm learning Spanish now. I used to not like the language, thinking Latin and Swahili are more awesome. But really, there's no use comparing the languages, they're languages for heckssakes! I unintentionally enrolled in a higher Spanish class in school without taking the basics class, which is a technical and intellectual prerequisite. I think if the authorities learn of this, they will force me to drop so right now it's still a secret. ¡ Salud !

And gosh, sometimes I find myself Freudian slipping out Spanish expressions. It's like an epidemic. I commented on Claire's pink jeans in Creative Writing class right after my Spanish class, "Te quedan bien los pantalones." Which means nothing in my head really, but an intended compliment nonetheless.


I love school. Maybe my favorite subject is Film 106, French national cinema. I never knew legendary filmmaker Jean Renior was the son of artist Auguste Renoir! What a surprise. But now that I think about it, it's not surprising. One great artist being the offspring of another great artist just makes a whole lotta sense.

I love my work load. Heavy? Oh yeah. But I just wish it doesn't anymore mess up with my temperament. To make up for it somehow, I made the digital "artwork" above entitled Indonesia. Go figure. ;)


Pope Benedict XVI, said to a Vatican audience last June 22:

With great emotion I learned this morning of the ferry that was capsized in the typhoon that has raged in the Philippines. As I assure the people of these islands who have suffered from Typhoon Fengshen of my spiritual nearness, I offer a prayer to the Lord for the victims of this new tragedy at sea in which many children also seem to have been involved.
Let us pray too not only for other people involved and affected. The families, the fisherfolk who depend on those shores for livelihood, for the officials of the liner, for the government and other organizations.

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