Here it is! 'Di ko tuloy alam kung ano'ng gagamitin kong adverb, "finally" ba or "unfortunately." 'Pag thesis kasi, parang matanda ka na, 'di ba? But it's also like you've gained the right to write down your contribution to the world kunwari.

Ze prof finally approved our topics after I emailed her last week. Take note: topics, with an S. She approved all five of them:

"These are all very good topics. Baka you can give the others that you will not do to your classmates who are having a hard time finding a topic. hehehe."
That's scary. We would've preferred it if she picked maybe two and told us the rest sucks so we'd learn how to choose better topics. But we appreciate it anyway.

My journ subjects are love. LOVE. Not a word below that, no. They're killing me of course, but that doesn't mean I find them unbearable. For the next few weeks, I'm going to have to probe issues of seafarers and rotcee guys in U.P. then work using the Internet longer this semester for my computer-assisted reporting class. Then that unexpectedly fun fun fun ethics class.

I can't get enough of my humanities subjects too. The teachers, the teachers! I can't imagine better ones taking over. I can listen to them all day from dusk till dawn.

Napanood ko ang 400 Blows and Les Enfants du Paradis na. Grabe ka, Truffaut. Grabe ka, Carné. Grabe kayo, French films. You have value beyond what Hollywood-brainwashed people (myself included) imagine you'd have.