Remembering: Last Semester

Art Studies 190 - Aesthetics
Loved that the class has many different, interesting people and depth of art analysis - sarap! Like a big mug of frappuccino.
I honestly didn't read most of the required readings in this class. I didn't think they were worth it, too ideological. To survive, I just listened carefully, reported the topic assigned and submitted the papers. Tapos okay naman. Kitams? Safe and intact pa ko. Sometimes talaga, we don't have to risk it.

Speech 100 - Introduction to Speech Communication
Loved that our prof used a different method of teaching, that is, she didn't teach at all. In a good way, fortunately. I was exposed to social science researches and more communication theories, but this time I loved it. I would rather not have memories of my Comm Theory class which I almost flunked, but Speech 100 made me see the darned theories in a whole new pink light.

Journalism 122 Layout and Design
Loved this class for itself. For heck's sakes, it's layout and design. Two of the most lovable words in the English language. Thanks to the inspiring creations of artist Leonardo Sonnoli, it somehow became my fate. Loved the people too. Nothing like having your beloved friends around, and the Internet at your fingertips in one room, three hours a week.

Loved that it's so practical and laid back. I enjoyed exerting every effort and finishing every requirement. Although I realized in the end that I don't want to be snapping scenes for a living, it's a timely endeavor. It's easy, which makes it a difficult art, if you think about it.

Journalism 151 Advertising
Loved the class and the people, hated the topics. I don't like advertisements, much less advertising. Feels good that I still pushed through with the course after wavering a bit about continuing. What saved me was the work. It was awesome creating the projects and with different people. It was a team class and everyone felt the support of everyone.

Communication Research 101
Loved that our research group was solid and hardworking, and that our professor was beautiful. It was a lot of hard work but when you have inspiring groupmates and a role model for a teacher, every burden is automatically transformed into something sweet. Naks.

Philosophy 171 Ethics
Loved that it's a Philosophy course. Period. Odd that I'm a journalism major with 12 units of Philosophy history. It wasn't wasted. I've had great professors so far, the tame and brilliant ones. I don't think I'm going to take anymore. Too risky. The subject matter can most of the time be dangerous, especially if taken in my university. It was awesome spending days and nights trying to penetrate the minds behind moral philosophy.

Half-psyched for next semester. Half-afraid too.