PURRfect Illustrations

Since I always talk about different works of art in this blog, I figured maybe illustrations can also be a part of our posts. I was inspired by a certain book on illustrations when I was browsing through Greenbelt Powerbooks' discount section last week. I don't recall the title though but it's two inches thick and full of colored pages. And it was on sale for only P800 for such a beautiful collection. If you see it once, buy it at once. Then let me lend it to me, yes!

So here's my first feature of illustrations, a children's book by journalist Jean Perego entitled Joseph and Chico: The Life of Benedict XVI as Told by a Cat. This is really an interesting online find and it makes me embarrassed that a cat supposedly knows more about the Pope than we do. Hehe.

"In a special way, children, he loves you all, and he also knows that, with a little effort, you know how to be generous. Better yet, he prays every day that you may grow up to be healthy and good in body and soul. You will then be happy and be able to make the world a better place," writes Fr. Georg Ganswein, the Pope's personal secretary, for the book's introduction.

Of course, important in this feature are the various brilliant illustrations by Donata Dal Molin Casagrande.

According to sources, the Pope really loves cats and he really has one named Chico since when he was a kid. Now, Chico lives with a neighbor in Bavaria since he cannot stay with the Pope in Vatican. Poor cat. But still lucky anyway. #

Source: www.ignatius.com and NYDailyNews.com