Bringing down the HOUSE

"So it's internship season," as Claire said. True for me especially. I've been running around this House for three days now.

Okay, not literally running-running. But my mind has been working as fast as Michael Johnson, and my fingers tapping against the keyboard from 1pm to 6pm since Monday. Phew.

I love being a journalist, even a pseudo-journalist. So awesome. You know? Every time I see my professors' words unfolding right before me I tell myself, "It's true." To submit before deadlines is grueling. Leads are super important. Editors have to be consulted. Out-scoop and de-scoop others for an edge. Knowledge is power. Check and double check. Get quotes!

And yey my first news story! And so on and so forth. Dot dot dot and another dot.

Like this morning I was waiting, bored, in Treehouse café (photo) for a news forum to start. I was just sitting idly on one of the tables with my camera, pen and notebook, trying to look like a reporter, right? and pretending I'm older than I really am. Then I saw a tall, familiar-looking person walking towards me smiling and then he tapped me on my shoulder like we were friends forever. So I scoffed, ignorant and all. Who does he think he is anyway? I asked the waitress. "Ma'am, si Golez po 'yan."

What? Shoot, it was Deputy Minority Floor Leader Roilo R. Golez. Congratulations to me. I didn't even shake his hands or smile at him so I could get an interview. Dumb rookie.
That's what happens to a 3-day-old trainee who doesn't watch TV to recognize politicians, left alone in a beat for an ENTIRE day without her reporter. Scarier than The Exorcist and The Omen combined.

But I love it. It's most rewarding when I see the story published and people sort of believe in them and all. hehe. I don't even believe myself sometimes.

House of Representatives Press Office where I stay and make my stories and wait for press releases and eat and obey.
That's my batchmate Vienna in the center wearing my jacket. She interns for Business World. Cool noh?

The computer I use where all the anguish and bliss come from. I installed a dictionary and thesaurus for purposes of mental blocks and laziness.

Next stop: Camp Crame for Defense beat. Wheeeee!