Up Against the Wall

I think my sense of art these days is inspired by the streets and idle walls. Although it doesn't help me that much 'cause what I need most right now is to inject teen spirit to the kind of layout and imagery I'm doing, maybe the colors of street art can inspire my somewhat minimalistic tendencies. hehe

I think street art is not just found in the streets, but in box arts, wallpapers and T-shirts as well. Since the art can be offensive sometimes (it's said to be first and foremost for expression but it shouldn't be an excuse), just look at the nice ones, right? And we shouldn't deny that the attractive forms and colors are really transcending boundaries of not just established art, but well, one's own private yard.

Here are some stunning! examples.

This sculpture is by rather famous graffiti artist only known as "Revs" featured in NYtimes.com

2D or 3D? Street art at its finest. I'm sorry, my source on this one was lost.

by Dan Witz
nd finally, a trompe l'oeil series by artist Dan Witz featured in Time.com

Photo credit: untitledname.com, Dan Witz -Time.com.
Note: This post was edited on March 20, 2007. Some parts have been taken out and replaced.