Sucks when

you realize you lost a book you've always treasured.

For as long as I can remember, I've owned a copy of Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul III, and now I don't know where it is. It has just always been in my bookshelf since high school. And when I thought of making my youngest sister Gail read it lately, it's not there anymore. C'mon guys, who borrowed it? Return it, please, I'm on my knees!

I know it's just another one of those gazillion Chicken Soup titles available, but this particular copy has sentimental value to me. Oh whoosh with sentimentality, but it really was my consolation during tough times in my early teenage years. I even let go of the chance to join our school's semestral field trip to be able to purchase the book. It cost a fortune for a 13-year-old those days.

Now I'm 19. A few more months to go before I graduate from the teenage roster. And gosh, I think the best thing to remind me of the vibrant, formative years that passed is this book. But now, Gone Baby Gone. Casey Affleck didn't win the Oscar. I wanted him to. Thought it was the best time to recognize Ben's little bro.

Hehe, labo. Change topic bigla.