I'm Right, You're Wong!

Wong Kar Wai's photograpy is just so beautiful. I remember my fascination while we were watching Chungking Express in my first film class in '06. It's like an impressionist painter's high-contrast masterpiece set in motion. Wong Kar Wai's films are among the visually best for me. Every shot is well-composed, traditional but well-composed. What makes it visually stunning is the combination of colors, lighting, texture and the camera movement (Like hello Godard for A bout de Souffle). All these plus an unconventional, capturing storytelling would make a non-Hollywood magnum opus. Take a look at this still from Chungking, for example:

Dominant yellows and oranges and reds throughout the film. Means perky, romantic, odd and mysterious. Thanks, I learned all that color-analyzing from Patti Bellantoni's book "If It's Purple, Someone's Gonna Die."

Wong's upcoming flick, My Blueberry Nights, stars my Natalie Portman, the ubiqitous Mr. Law and first-time actor Norah Jones. First time Wong takes on American stars and unarmed with his cinematographer Chris Doyle, but hey, look at the brightest side: Amazing Promotional Stills!

And finally, the auteur himself..