Viral Days

I've had coughs and colds for more than two weeks now. Really, am I that unhealthy? Though this acquired virus only caused me a total of 1 day in bed, around 10 days sitting-working, and 3 days out and about. Not bad, but it's tough when you're coughing all the time and all you want to do is work and finish everything lined up in your agenda. This virus has caused me some opportunities lost.

But the worst kind of virus I encountered the past days is the monster SSCVIIHOST.exe and all its sister applications. Seriously, this worm/trojan/malware is serious. It disabled my task manager, registry and folder options. Without those three, what's a computer all about? The PC also started running slow and prevented us from CD-burning with success. Dad also had to delay his Autocad bliss that actually puts food on the table because of the slow performance. It sucks right through.

Ergo, I gave in. One near-sleepless night and I tried to kill SSCVIIHOST.exe. Man, that name would hunt me all my life. If I didn't do it, we would have to reformat. Dad has to buy a laptop immediately to get on with his job to feed his family. I also wouldn't be able to transfer the 30-second TV advertisement I made and pass it on time for the competition. Told ya, it sucks right through.

I would like to express my utmost gratitude to for helping me through these tough times. It gave me another chance to regain my oh-so-beautiful life. However, the process wasn't just any foolproof job, it required time, patience, faith, hope and at least some brains. Imagine what I had to do:
1) Download four kinds of computer and registry cleaners, not counting the virus and malware scanners.
2) Deal with registry files and configurations. One bad, small step meant death. Luckily, I'm still alive.
3) Create registry patches I copy-pasted from smarter people's sites and forums.
4) Give up usual amount of sleep. Trust me, the first three numbers might sound complicated but this one's most difficult.

And I was successful. Thank you, thank you. I learned it takes a lot of guts and awful lot of dedication to turn around committed mistakes.
But I'm still praying. My job isn't done yet. There are a couple more malware stuff in our system. They're not big threats compared to SSCVIIHOST and its sister applications but of course I have to remove them nonetheless.

Again, thanks MajorGeeks. Through your generosity, I learned how important a virtue it is.