I love MY YAHOO because ...

1. It has all the sites I'd like to visit when I open the web browser.
2. It has colorful themes, though they can work on creating more.
3. I can subscribe to my favorite sites for updates. Now I'm an RSS glutton.
4. It's fast.
5. It has the best sources for movie reviews, box office and DVD rankings.
6. It's for geeks and aficionados. I might be both.
7. There's a glimpse of the article when the pointer hovers over a link.
8. It lists modules and sites' updates on my favorite things: films, journalism photos, art, books, interesting articles from credible news sources, and tidbits from the worlds of travel, science, politics and sports.
9. It has a "To Do List," which is not absolutely useful in real life, but works if I have to remind myself of things I have and plan to do in the web.
10. Coolest sites in my life are in a nutshell: Art News Blog, Drawn, Arts and Letters Daily, Zenit, Barnes and Noble, Filmspotting, Earthbound Light Photography and a few official websites.
11. Lists sections from my favorite reads online and off: Time magazine, The Economist, National Geographic, The New Yorker online, New York Times online and Forbes online.
12. As a site, My Yahoo lasts as a tab on my browser. If I spend some time visiting other sites, it's an inevitability I'd return to it to before exiting.
13. It has a preview of my e-mail inbox. It is indeed a one-stop page.
14. the best benefit I get from it: IT SAVES TIME!

My beautiful, beloved My Yahoo! page...