The work the work

I'm in school now, typing in between class breaks. There's something important to do for all my seven subjects next week. It's just so freaking overwhelming, to think it's just the second week of classes. I'm not complaining, it's great. I think my oxygen is restlessness.

And there are other things to do too. It's already December and me plus some twelve other people were tasked to come up with memorabilia planner for 2008, my university's centennial year. Hurray for 100 years.

Hurray for a writing stint. I don't have a writing subject this semester and that could mean bad news, especially that writing is just a "skill," something learned and not inherent. Newswriting skills need to have some nourishment from time to time and since I don't have any class to accommodate that, I resolve to read more. But reading more means more time, and that I don't have. Writing for a memorabilia planner is hardly food - it's just like dessert. But then again, dessert could also be hard to eat.

And there are more things to do too. Urgent and important. Some designing, organizing, writing, typing, spending hours in front of a computer monitor. Sweet.

Alas, I could have a toothache. I hope not.

Hit They mentioned my name for sending them the info. To wit:
"Nat has made EW's list of Ultimate Female Celebrities. Thanks to Mimi."

I know, babaw. #