Le monde de Michel Gondry

is an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Here is a director who thinks in visuals. Well, all directors should, but this one's different. The press calls him a "visual visionary," and for me that's the greatest title ever. Ever. As in it's greater than "king" or "prime minister" or "president" or "summa cum laude" or "beauty queen."

A friend said I'm a very visual person, and I think this generation in general is, especially with the Internet and mass market digital cameras and colored cellphones. The most attractive way to do something nowadays is to do it in the best visuals imagined, like when reporting in class or designing projects. But it's not just a now culture, it has been for a long time. Only we have more opportunities now given the available technology. Like suddenly everyone's into photography and web design and Photoshop. Crude art, they usually are. But with the burgeoning (naks!) of this hilaw kind of art, there would be more, and it would improve tastes and standards. It could soon be a beautiful world, not that it isn't yet.

And Michel Gondry represents that generation. Look at the things he does. Think Eternal Sunshine when the memories of Joel, the lead character, are being erased one by one, and when the beach house breaks into pieces and fades. Think White Stripes' "Fell in Love with a Girl," with its use of groundbreaking Lego animation. He's almost a genius. What else can I say?

Gondry is hybrid imagery's Salvador Dali, and a younger Luis Buñuel. Surrealism. Scenes of Eternal Sunshine are set in Joel's dreams. His recent feature, The Science of Sleep, is also one such work. Its very title describes the kind of photography that Gondry is the master of. His works also remind me of the art of Leonardo Sonnoli, the poster guy.

One thing though, I think it would be ideal if he could use his art and his visions in advocacy work engaging the youth. His talent is perfect for that. A guy like him is needed with the Force, to battle against the Dark Side. #