A really good break

... is what I need. All university students I know are working so hard these past weeks, plus me. So I've been dreaming of a good, planned, creative weekend break. Maybe I could go somewhere that could inspire me to shoot or write or think in alternatives. Maybe I'll take a trip to the Met Museum, or take photos in the city.

This site is what inspired me to plan a worthwhile break -- after all requirements of my 18-unit semester have been met, of course:

I visited one of my favorite sites, "The Daily Dose of Imagery by Sam Javanrouh. It is an awesome photoblog that features one or two photos a day. I like his architectural photography most of all and his photos of cityscapes. I bet he runs around with his camera 'cause it seems like he shoots anything interesting on the way. And he really has an eye on framing that makes even highly-depicted landmarks look new, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris (top), the CN Tower in Toronto (center) and the Pantheon in Rome (bottom). "I'm trying to avoid the usual cliche photos ... the ones that everybody has seen!" Javanrouh writes.

Speaking of weekend breaks, here is a link to DialAFlight, a UK travel company offering flights, hotels and travel ideas worldwide. One word: inspiration. Perfecto for people longing to take short breaks after or within schedule-full months, or at least city breaks to stroll and sip coffee while reading the latest edition of Time or The Economist.

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