Truth, Justin and the American Way

One fine day, I found a website that has a downloadable copy of the comic book for free. I loved it. I'm not a comic book junkie. Heck, the only comic books I've read are Archie comics and Berke Breathed's Bloom County, and the funnies section in broadsheets. But I found a new resource - Image Comics online.

Truth, Justin and the American Way is about a goofy main character (Justin) who accidentally finds a super suit that makes him super, as Federal agents do every way possible to retrieve it. It's set in the 80s when people grew up watching "years and years of bad TV," said 1/2 creator Aaron Williams in a CBR news interview. The other 1/2 is Scott Kurtz. "We're looking to fix that with Justin. This is everyone's dream show that was never made," Williams said.

I love it mostly for the visuals and the presentation by Italian cartoonist Giuseppe Ferrario who takes on a comic book for the first time. Check out Justin's hairstyle and his fiancée Bailey's facial expressions. Truly, it is like watching TV - in the 80s.

I was born only in the late 80s so and the only TV imagery available in my mind about that time, aside from documentaries on the People Power Revolution, is Saved by the Bell. But I do appreciate the selection in "Justin." How Ferrario chooses every panel to imitate a TV show succeeds in every way. And it's amazing how an Italian brilliantly captures something so American. One heck of a memory he has, considering he bases his art on American TV shows that populated Italian television when he was young.

Grievance on me, 'cause the only part of the series I could read is the preview available online. I don't have a way to look for the rest, especially that Image Comics are not readily available as DC or Marvel or Archie. I guess I just have to guess. #