Hail the Bootleg

The haven for film enthusiasts:

This is one of those times when I'm thankful this is not China and I won't get censored for whatever I say in a quote-unquote personal blog.

So I like bootlegs. I know it wreaks havoc to the film industry which, in an ideal setting, I would most probably support in a legal way. But video rentals and shops are so, so limited! If a film enthusiast would limit him/herself to watching vids within the bounds of legality, s/he won't get too far in this country. Where could we find the beautiful classics and time-tested foreign films but in pirated DVD stalls? Astrovision and Video City won't have them for sure. Man oh man. I never want anyone to be against the law but when it comes to piracy, even the highbrow academe and those who can afford all the DVDs resort to bootlegs. What choice do they have anyway? If they want films - the good ones mostly but even the bad - piracy offers them way cheaper, definitely easier to find, and with the widest variety.

Trace Quentin Tarantino's footsteps - some of which recently landed in the Philippines to receive a lifetime achievement award. We all know he educated himself by watching all kinds of vids as a video shop employee. Now everyone can do that with the bootlegs.

Plus, it's a whole industry out there. Many people rely on their pirated DVD sales for a living. It's illegal, yes, and it's stealing. But hobbies, information and education, as much as possible, should be cheap and available.