A Christmas Post in August

I think a good Christmas tale should be produced again. The last worthy Christmas flick was The Santa Clause with Tim Allen in 1994. Numerous tales about Christmas have been told, but I'm looking for something different, a film that would show the root and center of Christmas - the Nativity. Last year's The Nativity Story almost hit it, but I want something that would show the continuity of Christianity since the birth of Christ till the present. There is a whole, wide genre of Jesus movies, but not one focusing on the Nativity and modern times' celebration of the season interspersed with one another. 'Cause the thing is, every time Christmas arrives, we tend to forget what's it's all about. Isn't it the celebration of Christianity? To remember the past and look forward to the future and take hold of the present.

And there's this certain book I'd like to see on film - God Has Made a Bethlehem by Enrique Monasterio.

It's August, a month away from the ~ber months, and here we celebrate Christmas not only in the last ~ber month (December), but from September to February. That's one thing I love about this country. Just a few more months and we'll be putting up decors and stuffing stockings once again. Such joy!

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