The Book Boy

I was sitting yesterday in front of my doctor's clinic in Capitol Medical Center. She's a pediatrician though I'm over 18. What the heck? She knows my sickness record too well. Like when I arrived, she asked right away, "How is your allergic rhinitis?" I answered, "Uhh, really, I have that?" I do not even know what the term means, and I'm not even sure if I got it correctly.

So anyway, I was sitting outside the clinic and a young boy with his mother sat on the bench across the corridor. I peered to see the cover of the book he was reading. There's a name tag. His name is Miguel Tan and he studies in Ateneo. Forgive me, but I'm a journalist in training. I'm supposed to find out those things. He was reading Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Such a thick book for a 9 or 10 years old boy to read. If it was a girl, I wouldn't be surprised. I'm not being a sexist but I guess girls in my elementary-high school batch read books as a hobby (aside from feeding on pop culture, of course) while all boys in my batch developed their computer skills or athleticism or artistic talents. Rare does a boy spend lots of time reading nowadays. Not that I take that against them.

I never had a brother, and I always wanted a younger one. I guess I could see a brother in every younger boy I put my attention to, and for a minute that boy reading a timeless classic caught my attention. Jules Verne, eh? How come haven't read any of his books? I thought he's the guy who wrote The Invisible Man and The Time Machine, those two I read, then I remembered it was H.G. Wells who did it. I'm dumb, and I'm already in college.

My only regret is I should have read more books when I was younger. I read more than most people, I guess, but I should have devoured more. Childhood and I spent my time studying Greek mythology that I read an abridged version of The Odyssey in 5th grade. I was also fascinated with animals, plants, Charles Dickens' literature, Edgar Allan Poe shorts, King Arthur tales, Boyzone, Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Chyna, Degeneration X. I guess I was pretty well rounded. But I should've read more! As much as I want to read more books now, I barely have time to.

Anyway, I'm reading a rare copy of Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited that I borrowed from Daniw's library. Pray that I would finish it fast! 'Cause I'm such a slow reader, plus I don't have much time.

Finally, an opportunity for a statement: JK Rowling could never replace Charles Dickens for me. Not for me to judge 'cause I haven't read a single Harry Potter book but I have gone through almost all Dickens pieces. But c'mon, do they really mean that? (refer: "Move over, Dickens, JKR wants your seat") It doesn't sound fair.